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Thread: Greenhouse project for Capsicum farming

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    I tried with 1 acer (near Bangalore) of colored capsium last year. With respect to cultivation and maintaince, it is relatively easy. I had a buy back with fixed rate of Rs 35/kg from one of the local companies. For the first 5 months things went on smoothly but there after faced problems with the buy back company. The company was rejecting the crop giving some reasons but actually the rate in the market had fallen and he did not want to continue to give the fixed price. Finaly after 6 months I removed the crop and planted Carnations.
    I think for colour capsium its very important you have a buyer as its not easy to sell in open market.

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    Dear Mr. Vaibhav,

    If you want to install Green Houses which is used by us for 2 years, we can give you at best rate.

    Benefit to you :
    1. Your Total Project Cost will be decrease (More than 50%)
    2. You have to change only Net of Green House rather materials are having life of more than 10 years from now onwards.
    3. You can gain experience by installation of this Green House with lower cost so next time (at the time of expansion) you can be on a safer side always and you can take your own decision for a improvement.
    4. You can also avail the Subsidy from Central & Gujarat Govt. as per norms there is no violation of any rules by buying of second hand Green House.

    Thanking you and waiting for your reply

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    Dear Mr. Vasaikar,

    Just wondering what your calculation means?

    2 acres is 8000 sq. mts so @650 per sq. mt you are looking at spending Rs. 52 lakh on greenhouse. This is the normal costing for all the greenhouses and there are many farmers who have them. Plus you get almost 25% subsidy from NHB and State govt may also give you some more. (Depending on which state you come from)

    Main cost in hydroponics is greenhouse alone. so even at Rs. 1000 per sq. ft you are pending 80 lakh for 2 acres which is very reasonable considering the sales of 200 tons of peppers.

    Do explain your calculations though...they are baffling..

    Check out these real life pictures of hydroponic capsicum farm...

    (13,200*550)*2= 1.5 crore project for just built green house on 2 acre, is it reach to common farmer. how much return farmer can get from this green house to repay the loan and its interest.

    and for hydroponics how mcuh would cost to eastablishment.

    please reply me at your earliest.

    best regards,

    Originally Posted by atulkalaskar
    Hi Girish,

    Basic naturally ventilated greenhouse costs about 550-700 per sq. mt.
    Irrigation should cost additional 100 per sq. mt

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaibhav_kanodia View Post
    hi vishwakarma can you please send me the details of Mr. Banwarilal Jangir.
    as i cannot find the information on google. i want to invest into capsicum farming in gujrat.
    nice post
    i am arun and planing to setup greenhouse project in gujarat anyone can help and guide me right diretion plz cunsulter stay awaye

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    Hi Vishwa Karma,

    I am interested in knowing the cultivation of capsicum (red and Yellow) as I am planning to start a commercial production of the same.

    I would like to get some info on how to go about building the green house, nutrients and stuff. Can you please guide me to Mr. Banwarilal.

    Appreciate your help in this regards.

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    Call me on or send brief detail about your place & your requirement.
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    Default Greenhouse project for Capsicum farming

    Quote Originally Posted by girishkumarbrd View Post
    Wanted to know:
    3. I am farmer farmer of some other state and having farmer certificate of that particular state. Can I buy agriculture land in Gujarat. If yes, can i get subsidy and other facility? if no, what is other option available with me.?
    Agri-landholders of Gujarat can only buy Agriculture Land.

    Non Gujarati Farmers are not treated as Farmer, for any assistance in Gujarat.

    However, you can form a company/ Co-operative group and establish any Agri Business in Gujarat, but non-individual entity can hold Agri land but not entitled for any subsidy under NHM/RKVY.

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    Smile Try this contact info found in google

    Success story from Organic Farming

    When 55-year-old Banwarilal Jangir of Shekhawati, Rajasthan decided to turn to organic farming four years ago, he wasn't very sure of its benefits. He hoped it would improve the harvest in his 1.94-hectare farm in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, where he cultivated wheat, fenugreek, chickpeas and isabgol. The yield wasn’t high in the first year, but he wasn’t disheartened. He struggled for a while, often selling the produce at market value, without making much profit. Three years down the line, Jangir's efforts have finally paid off. Two companies have lined up to buy his crop this year and he’s hopeful of getting a good deal at least 20 per cent more. His story is echoed across Rajasthan, where thousands of farmers have opted for a way of cultivation that does away with pesticides.

    He may be contacted through :

    Rajasthan or
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    Dear Greenhouse Lovers,
    Let me inform you that colour capsicum is grown in open field and got good result too in Bangalore. Cultivation is done through natural farming without applying any chemicals.

    If you understand the nature, it has got power to produce everything on its own efforts, subject to we should not alter the natural process. 2nd batch of crop is started yielding now and farmer is supplying to produce to ISKCON in Bangalore. Farmer is proud of crop yield. But, worry is marketing he says.

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    Smile Greenhouse farminf of Capsicum.

    Resp sir,

    Nice to hear from you that you are interested in greenhouse farming.
    We are Gujarat based (Vadodara) greenhouse manufacturer.
    Protected farming is a new trend for farming. Capsicum is one of the good product for greenhouse.
    Cost of greenhouse for 1000 sq m is approx Rs 8.85 L.

    Govt of Gujarat will provide 50% subsidy according to the project proposal.

    If you have a query regarding this, u can private msg me.

    Thank you.

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