Guar also known as cluster bean is drought hardy leguminous crop. Guar is being grown for seed, green fodder, vegetable and green manuring. It is an annual plant, about 4 feet high, vertically stalked, with large leaves and clusters of pods. Each pod is about 5-8 cm long and has on an average 6-9 small greyish-white pea shaped seeds. The pods are used as a green vegetable or as a cattle feed besides the industrial extraction of guar gum.

What are we offering?
High quality Guar Seeds which can be used in the production of Guar Splits, Animal Feed and then Guar Gum.

How is it packed?
It is usually packed in 25kg or 50kg jute sacs.
But if there are any special requirements, we can consider and advise.

Where will it be shipped from?
Lome, Togo