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Institute of Simplified Hydroponics Bangalore

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by , November 18th, 2008 at 11:13 AM (7009 Views)
Dear Friends,

My Namaste!

The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics has finally become a reality in India at Bangalore.

This is an extension of Optimus Interweave's Mission to make Low Cost as well as Commercial Hydroponics a reality in India.

Institute of Simplified Hydroponics made it's appearance at one of the largest Farmer's Fairs recently between 13-16th Nov 2008 at the University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, GKVK Campus which was attended by more than 400000 visitors and was a runaway success in terms of numbers of people becoming aware of the soil-less cultivation techniques and also a record number of people signing up for the Hydroponics/Soil-less Training course commencing from 16th Jan 2009 at Bangalore.

What's more, ISH also received rave reviews from leading newspapers like the Hindu, Bangalore Mirror, ETV etc.

The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics Bangalore will spearhead the Soil-less Cultivation Green Revolution in India and is happy to announce that Soil-less cultivation has arrived in India for good.

You Found Us and Petbharo :: Institute of Hydroponics :: Soil less Cultivation are sites that will give everyone a great insight about our mission and vision for India and the first attempt at training people in the field of Simplified Hydroponics that can change the face of poverty and hunger in India.

Come! Lets Green India. Welcome to AT! Agri-Technology, which is the future of India.

Contact: Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash at 09895522777 or 080-65315777