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Dairy Development Department - Tamilnadu Policy Note 8

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by , June 10th, 2009 at 11:45 AM (2924 Views)
Dairy Development Department
Dairy Development Department And Milk Supply Schemes In
Tamil Nadu
Policy Note - 2003-2004
Demand No. - 8
Dairy sector has assumed much significance by generating income not only to the
rural but also to the urban and semi-urban population in the state especially to
women folk by providing self employment opportunity. Milk and milk products
provide essential nutrition to all walks of life. It provides livelihood to millions of
small and marginal farmers in the state. Tamilnadu is an agricultural oriented
State and majority of the farmers owns cattle. Dairying provides the main source
of income next to agriculture. In a tropical country like India, agriculture may fail
sometimes, due to monsoon failure but dairying never fails and gives them
regular, steady income.
The State Dairy Development Department was established in 1958. The
administrative and statutory controls over all the milk cooperatives in the State
were transferred to the Dairy Development Department on 1.8.1965. The
Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development was made as the
functional Registrar under the Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act. With the
advent of 'Anand pattern' in the State of Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk
Producers' Federation Limited was registered on 1st February 1981. The
commercial activities of Department such as Milk Procurement, Processing,
packing and sale of milk to the consumers etc., hitherto dealt with by the
Tamilnadu Dairy development Corporation Ltd., was transferred to the newly
registered Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk producers' Federation Ltd.
In the wake of liberalization policy, private dairies have entered in the field of
dairying. As per the direction of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu high priority
has been given for improving the performance of Co-operatives by adopting a
systematic approach and proper strategy implementation in Milk Co-operatives.
Significant achievement has been made by Milk Producers' Cooperative Societies,
Unions and Federation in the State of Tamilnadu.
1. Assure a remunerative price for the milk produced by the milk producers'
societies through a stable, steady and well organized market support.
2. Distribution of quality milk and milk products at reasonable prices to the
Bearing the above two objectives in mind, the following major multifarious
activities are undertaken by the Dairy Development Department.
Provision of free veterinary health cover to all animals owned by the members of
milk cooperatives, implementation of Artificial Insemination Programme, supply of
balanced cattle feed and inculcation of farmers with the modern animal husbandry
methods and practices.
All activities, which are essential for the up gradation of the milch animals and
improving their productivity in the long run, are also to be imparted on them.
Provision/creation of necessary infrastructure facilities for the enhancement of
processing and marketing has been made by way of establishing new chilling
centres, pasteurization plants and adoption of modern marketing system in order
to supply quality milk to the consumers.
The Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development is the Head of the
Dairy Development Department in Tamilnadu. He is Functional Registrar in
respect of Dairy Cooperatives. He is also the Ex officio Managing Director of the
Tamilnadu Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd.,
The Commissioner for Milk Production and Dairy Development exercises all the
statutory powers with regard to the registration of societies, supervision,
inspection, inquiry, disputes, liquidation of milk cooperatives including the District
Cooperative Milk Producers' Unions and Federation under the relevant provisions
of the Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act 1983 and Tamilnadu Cooperatives
Societies Rules 1988. In discharging the statutory functions, the Commissioner
for Milk Production and Dairy Development is assisted by the Deputy Milk
Commissioner (Cooperation) in the rank of Joint Registrar of Cooperative
Societies and a Deputy Registrar at the Headquarters besides 23 Deputy
Registrars at the District level by way of conferring the powers of the Functional
Registrar. The details of staff working in the office of the Commissioner for Milk
Production and Dairy Development are enclosed in the TN web.